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Home automation using Bluetooth and Arduino

The wave of technology and automation is taking over the world and transforming processes for the better across the globe. With increased globalization and urbanization, the awareness of using technology for better life quality has improved. An increase in digitization and automation of processes have altered the way humans live and carry out daily work. Traditional industries and people's lives may be impacted by automation, but as in the past, the new automation revolution will also result in the creation of new jobs, increased flexibility, and most importantly, save time and energy. If properly managed, it can work wonders. Automation will have an increasingly direct and indirect impact on various human living conditions. Several cities in India have implemented automation and are widely encouraging to adopt it across the country.

Introducing Kids to Automation Technology

Instinctual knowledge in kids today is quite common, and their understanding of concepts has widened naturally. You can hand an electronic device to a toddler, and the child will know how to use it in the nick of time. Kids of today grasp knowledge at a faster pace and can solve complex problems when introduced to them in early childhood. The benefits of early learning prove to be worthwhile as even complicated concepts are absorbed over time. Children have great imaginations. In the past, where art tools like crayons and color markers were only available in the form of these concepts, laptops, tablets, and more are now available that assist them to realize these thoughts, whether through a more traditional means of drawing or visual art. Such a boom in technology implies that kids of today can turn into computer experts and tech wizards of tomorrow as technology is being integrated at schools even from lower classes, and kids are introduced to smartphones and computers before they even begin schooling.

Home Automation and its advantages:

The automatic control of the technological devices in your home is called home automation. These gadgets are linked to the Internet and can be remotely operated. Home Automation will minimize labor and help improve the environment by being fused with a renewable resource as a co-generating system. There are many advantages of home automation, such as remotely operating devices at home like turning On/Off the light or fan switches. The controls can be integrated into your smartphone or tablet. It provides efficiency, safety, and comfort while also giving a cost-cutting benefit. Home automation can be built using Arduino and Bluetooth as well as without them.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a computer tool that can sense and control the physical environment more than the desktop. It is a physical computing platform that is open-source and based on a simple microcontroller board. The Arduino may be used to construct interactive devices, take inputs from a range of switches and sensors and control different physical outputs, motors, and lights. It includes all the elements necessary for supporting the microcontroller; just connect them to a USB cable computer or power them with the AC-to-DC adapter or battery to start.

What is Bluetooth?

The system turns on and off the home appliances with the help of an Android app, a Bluetooth module, and a voice application. It can also be programmed to turn off appliances after 12 hours, making the application simple and convenient to use on a smartphone. The Android Bluetooth Control Device Application will monitor and control up to eight electrical devices independently. Remotely control the device with an Android Bluetooth mobile device and the Receiver hardware device.

What is Home Automation with Arduino?

A home automation system using Bluetooth and Arduino is a wireless system that can be easily installed inside a home and is inexpensive to use. Depending on the type of Bluetooth device being used, it repeatedly transmits data up to 3Mbps within the physical range from 100m to 10m. The method design is based on the Arduino board, the Bluetooth module, smartphone, and sensor applications. The HC-05 Bluetooth module is interfaced with the Arduino board, and home devices are relayed to the Arduino board. Home automation systems were originally used in labor-saving machines, but today their primary goal is to enable the elderly and disabled to perform daily routine tasks and control household appliances wirelessly.

Educational Benefits of Automation 

Automation and technology are becoming a meaningful part of the human lifestyle and gaining traction worldwide. The impact of automation has also reached educational systems. Teachers, students, and academic supervisors are all part of the educational sphere. As technology becomes more widely adopted, it is incorporated into primary and secondary education systems. This was true for electronic calculators, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, slide projectors, "smart" boards, and a variety of other devices. The same can be said for automation and robots, as the adoption of these technologies can already be seen in schools, where automated attendance and grading systems are being implemented, and robots supplement teaching.

The most significant value-added benefit that automation will provide is the increased interaction time among students and their teachers. Students benefit the most from automation, though as an indirect outcome because these technologies allow students to have meaningful relationships with their teachers. Automation provides instructors and academic administrators with more time, freedom, and productivity.

Home automation can also be used without Bluetooth and Arduino with the exciting range of STEM DIY Home automation Kit by ThinkerPlace for your child to indulge in real-time learning and exploring the building bits of easy-to-build home automation systems which can help you turn any switch in your home ON/ OFF remotely. These home automation kits come with all the components that are required to make the kit. It also comes with the support of an online (Learning Management System) LMS with interactive videos and instructional manual & safety manual. It is an education project for your child to learn about automation and the concept of sensors. It makes the learning experience easy as well as memorable for the students, which helps them to retain concepts and efficiently use them in real life.

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